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Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh Yeah, I Have One of These Things
*digs in an old dusty shoebox* Oh hey! look what i found! It's my old blog!! Why did i ever stop writing in it? No idea... So yeah, not too much new with me. I'm still going to school and working at the movie theater. There's a girl..for her sake and mine i will say nothing more about that. Urm...Now that Oscar season has been and gone, i have some new favorite movies, and a bunch of movies I have yet to see. Finding Neverland, brilliant movie, great costume design and acting and everything. The only thing that makes me mad about it is that Johnny Depp didn't get an oscar, nor a golden globe. The Aviator, I still have yet to see. Million Dollar Baby was an incredible movie too. It isn't your typical boxing movie where the fighter takes a fall and makes a big comeback. I won't give away the ending though. Phantom of the Opera was a pretty damn good movie, and I would probably enjoy it more (maybe even a little less) if i was a little more into Opera. Sideways was a funny funny movie, with a serious side to it. I think it won an oscar for something...didn't it? As for non-oscar-nominated movies, Ong-Bak is a wicked kung fu movie, and no wires attached! Be Cool; not bad, but not great either. I don't remember much of Get Shorty, but i'm pretty sure it was better. The Rock was hilarious in it. I think thats all the movies I've got to talk about. In the art department, I don't have any new photos of my work to put up, but soon, very soon. Until next time!


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