Don the Juan

A Love of Women

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I looked at her for a moment and then stood aside.

“Are you coming in for a fuck or are you going to stand there and shower me with compliments?”

She walked in.

The first touch of her lips on my cock and I caught my breath. This was going to be something special, I could tell just from the way she let her lips roll down over the head of my cock.

She licked and nibbled and then started go up and down on it and it felt so fucking good. But I wanted it to feel a whole lot better so I grabbed the back of her head and rammed it down on my cock.

It went straight down the back of her throat and she gagged but I wasn’t going to let her up to soon. Then the bitch closed her teeth around the base of my cock and I saw stars.

I yelped and let go of her head for a moment and she came up gasping for air.

“Don’t you ever do that again you bastard or I’ll bite your fucking cock right off!”

And then she was on me like some sort of wild animal. I went back onto the bed and she was straddling my hips and slapping her big tits into my face. Her hands were around my throat as she kept pounding me with her tits.

I almost laughed; me … a bouncer getting attacked by a couple of boobs. I grabbed her wrists and threw all my weight against her and we rolled over until I was on top. She struggled and snarled at me like a wild cat but I had her under control.

I eased back for a moment and felt my cock part her pussy lips and then it was on. I drove my cock into her and watched the look of surprise hit her face as I stretched her pussy with my first thrust.

I love it when I see that reaction on a bitch’s face because it tells me that they’ve never had a cock like mine before. And that look just spurs me on to give them a fucking they’ll never forget.

And that’s what that redhead slut got. I held her down and nailed her tight cunt to the bed with long driving thrusts that left her gasping and sobbing. I could feel the pleasure mount in her as I fucked her and ever few strokes I felt another flush of pussy juice run through her tight hole.


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