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Sunday, May 14, 2006

In an article on the new prospects for the years to come, Bill Gates thinks that the management of knowledge will be the key of the development. With the explosion which connait current technologies, the data became very abundant. CelĂ  makes that information tends to be placed in the center of all the strategies. In the large companies, to be able to work out effective plans, and to face competition and to exceed it, it is essential to exploit all the data which circulate. Of another share, networks of information, or motorways as some prefer to call them, have facilter with a great degree the flow of the data.

The organization which will succeed is that which will be able to benefit from the data that it has. There are three important phases in the cycle of the data processing: data-information-knowledge. Knowledge is the fruit of the treatment. It is the experiment and the rule which depends neither on the time nor of the context. Bill Gates estimates that the new challenge of technology, data processing in particular, is to develop methods able to extract from knowledge starting from the raw data. There are new specialities which emergent, and which target this tendency. It is what is known under.


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