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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Poor little rich brat Paris Hilton never has to work a day in her life, unless she wants to. But, whether she considers it work, or play, Paris has committed herself to another season of shooting The Simple Life, the successful Fox network reality show she and gal pal Nicole Richie starred in last season. Paris also recently appeared in a small role on the NBC drama Las Vegas.
And now, Paris Hilton is set to generate oodles of money for former boyfriend Rick Salomon (often misspelled as Solomon) when the infamous videotape of them having sex a few years ago is released on the Internet.

This version, reportedly "directed" by Paris Hilton herself, is digitally enhanced and remastered and includes additional full color footage of Paris and Rick not seen in the previous "night vision" clip widely circulated in cyberspace several months ago. It turns out Rick Salomon has the rights to the half-hour-plus tape and fully intends to profit from making it available to the public via the Web.

It has been years since the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape first made the rounds on the 'Net and pay-per-view video, and it is still searched for by Web surfers in search engines such as Google and Yahoo!Tommy became infamous for the size of his big dick. No one can be certain how much revenue has been realized as a result of that sex tape but we can be sure the Paris Hilton tape will be in great demand for a long time to come.


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