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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What a pity that we cannot in our hypocritical society practise a nudity INTEGRALE on the Net, obliged which we are to occult our faces...
The latter are indeed the lot of the privileged person, our Big Brother "to identify us well" before our various numbers, our fingerprints or our sequence dna.
In such a context, the people who reveal their intimacy with face discovered thus take large all the more great risks as they excerise an important function in the company. One will forgive more easily a florist of nude exhibiting than a Secretary of State, like if notability and erotism were absolutely irreconcilable.
Those that form part of privileged who know ALSO the face of 'Victoire', result of a complicity and of a confidence which are deserved and cannot be acquired day at the following day.
Our hypocritical company is, I guess always better than antiquated company where the women are forced to not veil the face on blogsā€¦but in the STREET !


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