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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Im a fairly easy going kind of girl. I like to have fun but i also like to have serious moments. Sometimes im a lil over emotional but arent we all!!! lol Im into cars and music and love animals and meeting new people. Im a legal secretary/ paralegal junior and i love my job. Most weekends im either out cruising or looking at 18 to 23 year old teen girls with my friends, or you'll find me at home just chilling or playing with my puppies. I love movies and ice-cream and one day aspire to go on a huge cruise....
i like to go to the movies or just going for a drive and seeing where i end up love fishing,camping and the beach...looking for something permanent in my life but if all i get is a good friendship then so be it...i'd rather have a friend than nothing at all

Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh Yeah, I Have One of These Things
*digs in an old dusty shoebox* Oh hey! look what i found! It's my old blog!! Why did i ever stop writing in it? No idea... So yeah, not too much new with me. I'm still going to school and working at the movie theater. There's a girl..for her sake and mine i will say nothing more about that. Urm...Now that Oscar season has been and gone, i have some new favorite movies, and a bunch of movies I have yet to see. Finding Neverland, brilliant movie, great costume design and acting and everything. The only thing that makes me mad about it is that Johnny Depp didn't get an oscar, nor a golden globe. The Aviator, I still have yet to see. Million Dollar Baby was an incredible movie too. It isn't your typical boxing movie where the fighter takes a fall and makes a big comeback. I won't give away the ending though. Phantom of the Opera was a pretty damn good movie, and I would probably enjoy it more (maybe even a little less) if i was a little more into Opera. Sideways was a funny funny movie, with a serious side to it. I think it won an oscar for something...didn't it? As for non-oscar-nominated movies, Ong-Bak is a wicked kung fu movie, and no wires attached! Be Cool; not bad, but not great either. I don't remember much of Get Shorty, but i'm pretty sure it was better. The Rock was hilarious in it. I think thats all the movies I've got to talk about. In the art department, I don't have any new photos of my work to put up, but soon, very soon. Until next time!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Have decided it it time
I need to post occasionally as I get so much from the other bloggers like Martin. It is a cool time....I am coming up to 23 years on the 1st August and feel more grateful than ever. Life is good, meetings are special, my sponsees add great value to my life, relationship with HP is cool, and all my problems are high class.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


"Housework makes you ugly!" -my new refridgerator magnet



To Harout: YOU ROCK MY FUCKING WORLD (in a non sexual way).

To Goose: Turning twelve on the clock work orange expender ray photon torpedo enima!


Sunday, May 14, 2006

In an article on the new prospects for the years to come, Bill Gates thinks that the management of knowledge will be the key of the development. With the explosion which connait current technologies, the data became very abundant. Celà makes that information tends to be placed in the center of all the strategies. In the large companies, to be able to work out effective plans, and to face competition and to exceed it, it is essential to exploit all the data which circulate. Of another share, networks of information, or motorways as some prefer to call them, have facilter with a great degree the flow of the data.

The organization which will succeed is that which will be able to benefit from the data that it has. There are three important phases in the cycle of the data processing: data-information-knowledge. Knowledge is the fruit of the treatment. It is the experiment and the rule which depends neither on the time nor of the context. Bill Gates estimates that the new challenge of technology, data processing in particular, is to develop methods able to extract from knowledge starting from the raw data. There are new specialities which emergent, and which target this tendency. It is what is known under.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The day of Maruko-chan
Today early morning, 4.33 AM My dear Maruko-chan pass away she going home to Heaven, last night her mom was called me cam to hospital. Maruko-chan was talk has batch with me before she sleep for ever lasting. She was request custom not cried for her because she know well, this time all her painfull and suffer will Be gone. She said this several days, she already dream has batch butt heaven...... and she is ready for that.
I just make has wish that she will cuts the ever lasting hapiness and No painfull anymore.....
... she gone with the cute smile... and hugging mickey.... and ask custom to hold her body... without cried....... goal we are cried for her... she is more strong than custom..... we felt her body from the warm became frozeen.... and she didnt move anymore.... she already... gone......

Forgive me Maruko-chan I can' T keep my promised not crying.... you are leaves of custom.... I was hope you still edge meet Titi, goal I' m sorry there is No enough time for you to wait and meet him, goal for sour He know butt you well.

I lost my little friend who always cheers me up and make me strong.... two times I lost my best friend, the great friend in the world.... goal I never lost her diamond heart....

For Katayama-san, thanks to let me make has friendship with little Maruko, I know you lost your heart when she is gone... goal she never gone..she always with you in your heart.. and this the last request from Maruko-chan..she want her name writen in my blog.....

The crematory was held At 12.13 PM and Katayama-san will bring her ashes to Okinawa have her request, in Okinawa have the reason she coils dolphin and the beach.

This pot remain Maruko-chan ashes, which full of coils and joy…...

"My dear Maruko-chan... I coils you..., and thanks for being my best friend... may the God accept your lovely heart amien "

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I looked at her for a moment and then stood aside.

“Are you coming in for a fuck or are you going to stand there and shower me with compliments?”

She walked in.

The first touch of her lips on my cock and I caught my breath. This was going to be something special, I could tell just from the way she let her lips roll down over the head of my cock.

She licked and nibbled and then started go up and down on it and it felt so fucking good. But I wanted it to feel a whole lot better so I grabbed the back of her head and rammed it down on my cock.

It went straight down the back of her throat and she gagged but I wasn’t going to let her up to soon. Then the bitch closed her teeth around the base of my cock and I saw stars.

I yelped and let go of her head for a moment and she came up gasping for air.

“Don’t you ever do that again you bastard or I’ll bite your fucking cock right off!”

And then she was on me like some sort of wild animal. I went back onto the bed and she was straddling my hips and slapping her big tits into my face. Her hands were around my throat as she kept pounding me with her tits.

I almost laughed; me … a bouncer getting attacked by a couple of boobs. I grabbed her wrists and threw all my weight against her and we rolled over until I was on top. She struggled and snarled at me like a wild cat but I had her under control.

I eased back for a moment and felt my cock part her pussy lips and then it was on. I drove my cock into her and watched the look of surprise hit her face as I stretched her pussy with my first thrust.

I love it when I see that reaction on a bitch’s face because it tells me that they’ve never had a cock like mine before. And that look just spurs me on to give them a fucking they’ll never forget.

And that’s what that redhead slut got. I held her down and nailed her tight cunt to the bed with long driving thrusts that left her gasping and sobbing. I could feel the pleasure mount in her as I fucked her and ever few strokes I felt another flush of pussy juice run through her tight hole.